Today I was thinking about what we had and what we’ll have.
We finally have the old studio emptied and we gave back the keys to the owner.
So it’s officially finished, it’s what we had.

I remember when we move to it, I remember taking all the old posters up to the third floor and how it’s been crushing for our health…
We’ve printed a lot of stuff in this studio, we’re grateful to it, but it’s too small now cause we’re getting fatter and we need more room for our big asses…
Moreover, being at the third floor, it’s not the best for people working with a  lot of paper, one of the heaviest thing on earth.
We had to decide our future: going on printing on paper or changing and starting in making posters on foam.
But, after considering the problems with colours grasping on foam, we went for a new low ground studio …

Anyway, the great news is that we have a new closet and we’re very proud of it, it’s a gold one.
Well, to be honest we just re-paint the one we had in the old studio, but it’s like a new one for us.
And now… adore it, please.

And we’re making order around it, to be able to venerate it everyday, of course.
We have a gold totem.
Look at it in the middle of space…

And we’ve a big mess around and a LOT of posters to check and count.

We have stairs and shelvings everywhere…

… but we’ve a great smile on our faces cause we know we’re moving in the right way for having a great new studio.

So, tomorrow it will be the day of the poster count… wow
We’ll discover what we still have.
Paper is super heavy, so it’ll be a long long day…

Listening to some blues

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