I’ve never liked the idea of the sunday as the day to relax, I don’t like these religious traditions that much.
But today I’m happy it’s sunday cause I’m relaxing taking care of Malleus, it’s a bit we’re working at the moving of the studio spending days in painting walls, filling van with furnitures, driving around in search of stuff, screwing, making curtains, putting things together and seeing the f***ing property developer is doing nothing to end the works in the new studio.
So, lately, we hadn’t time to put our hands on drawings and new works.
And we’ve quite a few to do for september.
Just to name some, we’ve some posters coming (Melvins, Swans and more), then we’re working on some book illustrations, we’re doing some art for “At the end of the day“, an upcoming very cool movie by italian director Cosimo Alemà,  and we’ve some plans to move around.
So, sunday is very welcome to relax today.
And we’ll have emails to answer to, and some interviews for Ufomammut to do too…
Mmmhhh… well, I had another idea of relaxing, but it’s ok…

In the meantime, here’s some shots of the studio.

And then Poia building the Time machine…

Tomorrow it’ll be an heavy day moving the last things from the old studio… all the posters, records and last furnitures…
And then, in some days, these old sad colours looking at us will become butterflies!

Oh my God! Look what’s coming soon in our cinemas!!!

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  1. ooh yes,it looks very very s interesting to see the worked very hard.have a lazy sunday.all will be great:))you know the magic power will support you:)..always!

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