Goodbye Drying Rack

As You probably know we’re moving to a new studio.
So, our hands are full of little tiny cuts we’re causing ourselves by carrying heavy things from one part of the Town to the other, or from trying to pick a lock that is broken, or by working with electrical cables, or maybe with paper…
So, we got scraggy fingers and broken bones.
But the new studio is coming out very nice.
We’re doing a good job on it and we’re trying to speed up everything to have it running in 10 days.
Cause we’ve a lot of work to do before leaving for an european tour in September.
We’re working on some new posters, of course, we’ve some names to tell You very soon, just keep the faith:-)
And while things are growing in the new studio, we have to say goodbye ( and well, thanks a lot) to some old crap that helped us a lot in doing what we’ve done in the last years.
First of all, today, we had the retirement party for our drying rack.
We built it about 5 years ago when we entered the studio and it took care of all the posters and prints we did since today.
So it’s been sad to dismantle it.

Tomorrow it’ll be the “curtain day”.
Wow, it’ll be a long long day…
But look at the picture below… it’s great, isn’t it?

Listening to William Elliot Whitmore right now

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