Finally we’ve finished the painting part of the studio.
Everything is done, from walls and ceiling to windows, from heaters to the boxes of the rolling shutters.
Now it’ll be time to do the rest, curtains and then moving everything from one studio to the other.
We’re really happy cause the studio looks really nice and bigger, now that is “clean”.
Take a look at it:

Hey! There’s a subliminal man… :-)
And we’re phisically reduced in garbage…

Btw, I’m the one on the left…

Ok, I think I’ll rest for a while now.
And remember that from July 22 to 25, 2010 …San Diego Comic Con International is happening.
It’s the world’s largest pop-culture event held at the San Diego Convention Center, more than 2 decades in
and Malleus will be there with Century Guild gallery (in the heart of it with a booth like no other!)
Isn’t that cool?

Listening to PQ “You’ll never find us here” and I’ve just watched to “KICK ASS”.
Very very nice!

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