Painting more

We’re going on painting walls and windows and columns and cursed ceilings.
Things are coming out nice, we’re still waiting for some main works to be finished (like for example MAIN works like the doors of the bathroom…), but we’re moving straight on to make the new studio to be ready very very soon.
Today we’ve finished the walls, then we’ve done windows and started with the red parts like some columns and walls.
Check it out:

This morning iit was like that and this evening it was like below

What You see on the floor is the previous ceiling…
Anyway, as You can se, we’re happy about how the studio is looking like.
And I’ve discovered the power of the mini painter roller… oh god, it’s FANTASTICO!

Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll have the first half done.
Then it’ll be time for “killing” the property developer to have the last touches done…

Listening to Black Sabbath right now

3 Responses to “Painting more”

  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    red like pompei ?

  2. Moonset Says:

    looking good!

  3. yeaaahhh!!!…and save the garbage:)

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