We started today in painting the new studio.
It seemed more mortal, but now we started it’s good.
We’ve quite finish the first coat with white and, apart from the ceiling coming down (no it’s not a good thing and it’s in any way related to the happy “dancing on the ceiling” by Lionel Richie…), everything is good.
The old coat is cracking and coming down… so it’ll take ages to have the ceiling done, but at the end… who cares? What’s a ceiling? It’ll be similar to the sky with a lot of stains like clouds and colours like a rainbow… so… :-)
While Lu was surfing on the plastic waves coming out of the floor…

…the Wizard Poia was meshing the incredible ingredients (well, water and wall paint) in the magic pot (yes, a plastic pot…)

Till a third eye appeared on his forehead…

… causing a sudden obsolescence on Urlo’s head, with white hairs like stains.

Then, Lu the witch prepared a magic potion and…

… Poia got the power to paint like hell!

Ok, I think painting walls is dangerous… think about Hitler, he started like that…
Better go to sleep now

Listening to Les Claypool right now

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  1. :)I wish you all the magic power you need but with the third eye and the white hair no problem.:)

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