Sorry if I don’t write a lot on this blog lately.
We’re trying to fix everything regarding the moving to the new studio, it seems to be in an episode of some sci-fi fiction in which time seems to slow everyday more, or in the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray… everyday it seems the same day, no news from the works, the same rubble in the same place, the same promises of things done in a bit and a lot of stress…
In the meantime we’re putting all the old studio into boxes and a lot of things are popping out like miracles, posters we didn’t even imagine to have left, old crap to laugh at, sketches of people we forgot, a lot of things of about 5 years of working in this little studio.
Well, now that we’re leaving it, it seems it’s getting a shape of order…
I think we’re throwing away tons piles of useless things, it seems we’ve kept EVERYTHING in the last years… not joking, everything…
So, no new posters or works in these weeks, we’re planning to paint the walls starting next monday (if the property developer will clean the studio from the dirt they’ve left…).
And once it’ll be painted we’ll start in putting stuff in it. The real moving.
Hope we won’t die melting like wax… it’s so warm here.
Have a great night/day

… don’t worry, it was not numbered… :-)

Watching The Big Bang Theory and it’s really amusing!

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  1. Nooooooooooooooo….not a Fairytale…

  2. You guys could always mail me some of those studio scraps ; ) They are more beautiful than most artists’ finished works!

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