It’s been really really great.
An amazing festival with amazing people.
As usually, I forgot to take some pics, but we met a lot of friends and listen to a lot of great music.
We also risked to evaporate for the incredible warm weather, but we survived…
My favourite shows has surely been Black Cobra (wow, I was speachless looking at their show) and Saviours (a nice dose of power).
Then there’s been a lot of good bands.
We met John Garcia of Kyuss (and he came to meet us and picked up some posters… amazing), Brant Bjork, Jason and Rafa of Black Cobra, Scott and the  Saviours, then our friends  Sara and Benny, Andreas of Exile on Mainstream, Martin of Red Rooster, Bianca, Walter of Roadburn, Matte and Beth of Caligula and many many more!
Then the crowd during the show of Ufomammut has been just AMAZING.

Just to show You a quick summary I could say it was so warm that Poia felt like he was in mexico

Vita discovered someone is exploiting his name to make a lot of money…

Lorenzer was obsessed by Voeller

Ciccio was like Napoleone

and I took only silly pictures driving around…

… trying to escape from these fearful sausages…

It’s been a great weekend.
Thanks to all of You at SFTU!

Listening to nothing right now.

4 Responses to “HOME from SFTU”

  1. poia looks more like Gauguin there…..Vita cola is no Mexican coke

  2. amazing,hot and the best band played at last:)

  3. hatemonk Says:

    yeah, ur gig was the best one on sftu!! c u on south of mainstream!

  4. Astro!!! Says:

    Yeah, Ufomammut was the ultimate trip! Thank you for that and hope to see you in Würzburg! Also thanks a lot for your awesome prints you signed for me!!!

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