Lots of new things are coming lately from Your  beloved trio of Malleus.
The new studio is growing day by day, we checked today and they were putting really horrible tiles in the bathroom… well, we’re still happy cause it’s all offered by the owner of the studio, the only thing we’ll have to close our eyes everytime we’ll enter the bathroom and, sometimes, it could be a bad idea…

Apart from this, we’re ready to hit the road tomorrow for SFTU festival, the poster is rad, and here are some new pics

It’ll be on sale in Erfurt on friday and saturday during the festival, then on our webstore from Monday.

And, speaking about websites and such, here we go with a great news.
Finally the new website will be online today.
You will have to wait some more hours, then it’ll appear like a falling star in the sky of internet (Oh god… I knew I had to be a poet…)
It’s a totally new one, easy to navigate and check our work.
It’s a summary of about 10 years of works and 7 years of poster art.
It’s a nice one, at the end, so stay connected and check for the launch of it.
And more important… being really happy for the new website we want all of You to be happy too.
We’ve decided to apply a 20% discount on EVERY POSTER and ART PRINT on the webstore till sunday included.
So, if there’s something You’re interested in but You’ven’t got the courage to buy it till today … this is your chance to do it!
It’ll start OUR midnight today and it’ll last till OUR midnight  on sunday.
Enjoy the new website and remember today it the Bday of one of us.
Not the one with the short one with long hairs and beard, not the bald tall one  with a long beard…
Guess who?

Listening to Pantera right now

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