It’s done.
The last poster is finished and, even if it’s a little sad cause it’s the last in this little crappy studio we’ve spent some years doing a lot of cool things… from now on (well, not now NOW, from next one) we’ll be in a new studio.
We’re seeing it growing and in a week about the main works should be done. I’ll post some pics soon.
Anyway, let’s go with the poster.

We started with the idea of a poster serie, then time was blown away but work and other problems, so we invest all of our time for doing a great poster, full of details and colours. And the result makes us very very happy

And here’s the black in its entirely

I remember You this is the poster for the “Stoned from the Underground” festival, it’ll happen this week end and it’ll be a really cool one.
So, after black we printed the last colour, an iridescent double calavera.

Cool, isn’t it?

I’ll upload  more details tomorrow;-)

Have a great night


Listening to Corrosion of Conformity right now

5 Responses to “LAST POSTER 3”

  1. sooo great!!c u!

  2. happy birthday LU:) cheers!

  3. Michael H. Says:

    You really went out with a bang! Fantastic work! I hope I can get one of these.

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