Last poster 2

It’s sad to print knowing it’ll be the last poster here in the old studio.
At the same time it’s great to know things will get easier once we’ll be in the new space!
Here are some pics of the last print we’re working at.
It’s for the Stoned from the Underground festival.
It’ll be this friday and saturday coming in Erfurt and the line up is great: Black Cobra, Saviours, Weedeater, Brant Bjork,  Ufomammut… and  many many more.
After Gold we’ve printed a very sparkling bronze colour.

Paper is absorbing colours in a great way, so this poster will be a rad one.
We’ve burned a screen for 2 little spots of white and then we printed a red colour for lips, eyes and a decoration

And we’ve used a copper ink for the names of the bands, they look like tattoos on the arms of the girls (well… I guess You’ve understood there are 2 female shapes in the poster… sure, it’d be a siamese twin form too…)

So now we’ve only 2 screens left, black and an overprint with iridescent colour.
At the end it’ll be  a 7 colours poster: gold, bronze, red, white, copper, black and blu/gold iridescent.
Tomorrow it’ll be done and numbered.
Then it’ll be for sale at the festival and, once back, on our webstore.

Stay tuned for more and don’t be angry if I’ven’t posted any link… I’m a little tired and basically a lazy guy.
Use google, c’mon!
What? How can You find Google on the web?…

Listening to Pharaoh Overlord, right now

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