Last poster

We’re printing the poster for “Stoned from the Underground” festival.
It’ll be the last one for some time cause we’ll have to take care of the new studio, it’s quite ready and we’ll enter in the next days to paint the walls and make it 100% work.
We’re totally excited about it and we count the hours.
So, probably, this will be the last poster we’ll print in our “old” studio.
First colour GOLD.

It’s on brown paper, a very precious one, by the way.
So, next week we’ll meet in Erfurt with the last poster.

And a week later we’ll be (not physically, but with our posters) at the San Diego Comicon at the Century Guild Gallery stable (BOOTH 2845)
Check here for more! At the bottom;-)
We’re totally happy!
More soon

Watched “The Runaways”. Very nice

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  1. sorry but the runaways movie is terrible in the fact they wrote out jackie fox and lita ford is hardly mentioned . the end of credits follow up don’t mention sandy west dying of cancer or lita fords metal career . it defiently had the look of Calif in the 70’s , great soundtrack

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