Last show

The title sounds a little extreme, maybe… but tomorrow it’ll be our last show in Italy with Ufomammut.
Well, not forever, but for quite a bit for sure.
At least until november we won’t play in our Country anymore.
So, if You want to listen to EVE live in Italy, just take a pair of feet, a bycicle, a motorbike, a car, a train, a ship, an helicopter, a farm tractor, an horse, a skate, a tricycle, a pair of rollerblade, a raft, a chariot, a plane or whatever can move and come to Torino tomorrow.
It’ll be the last chance to meet Malleus as well, we’ll be closed in our old/new studio for a while moving from one to the other, so don’t miss it.
We’ll be at Colonia Sonora, in Collegno, outside Torino (well, not outside, but not in the middle…)
And there’ll be Morkobot and I.C.O. too.
And a lot of friends, a lot.
If You won’t come I’m surely gonna cry.
Look at me, I’m serious. I won’t be your friend anymore.

While waiting for the end of the works for the new studio we’re finishing the poster for the SFTU festival in July in Erfurt.
Here’s a little little detail;-)

Hey! I told You it was a little detail…

Listening to Kvelertak a lot lately. This video is quite disturbing.

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  1. uh happy birthday somebody

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