It’s summertime.
It’s a warm summer, by the way.
And it’s gonna grow and get warmer and warmer till the sun will burn us all.
And I’ve still white skin like I’m a mozzarella…
Well, I could also be blu cause there’ve been strange things happening here in Italy lately, like some mozzarellas becoming blu once opened…
Strange thing.

Even if we’re not updating the blog too much lately, even if You could think we’re on holiday in the sun, drinking a Mango and Vodka cocktail (terrible taste probably, by the way…) looking at the sea, even if there’s only soccer in television and Maradona is always the best dude in the World… well, we’re trying to survive to the warmness working like usual.
We’re finishing some cd covers (working at Gygax right now) and preparing designs for a poster serie for “Stoned from the Underground” festival in Germany in July.
The main poster is done and we’ll probably start the printing process tomorrow.
And it looks very cool.
Then we’re playing around with Ufomammut and we’ll have our last italian gig in Italy next week, in Torino, at Colonia Sonora festival.
It’ll be a Supernatural Cat night, we’ll split the stage with our label mates Morkobot and I.C.O.
Hopefully it’ll be a cool night.
There’ll be Malleus too, don’t worry!
Then, for a while, no more Italy for Ufomammut.
And we’re preparing the tour for september and october, lots of gigs and great places to visit.
Check the Ufomammut’s website for more.
By the way, we’re working on a new Malleus’ website.
It’ll be a clear and simple one, not the like we’ve now… it’s getting old (well, we too…) and we’re bored with it.

By the way, we’ll be happy to party with You all for the opening of the new website (probably on the 7th of July and it’ll be Lu’s birthday too) and we’ll work on a day of great prices on our store, so keep an eye at it!

Finally, we’re still waiting for the works in the new studio to be finished, they should be done for July, but I guess it’ll be impossible.
So, if everything will turn in the best way, we’ll probably enter it in August.

This is the bathroom… and this will be the area dedicated to the printing.

This is emptiness… sad emptiness…

Anyway, let’s cross fingers, it’ll be ready soon and we’re looking forward to that day!
Have a great day

Listening to Natural Snow Buildings right now.
And I suggest You to watch “Spun”, great movie.

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  1. Grooovy i dig the wash out booth it adds to the empty space…….

  2. poster serie for the best festival in Germany,wow!oh my god I will loose all my money:))
    birthday paaartyyy!what a date:)

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