We’ve spent some great days in Roma, during the Crack Festival at Forte Prenestino.
We’ve really enjoyed everything, the place was very cool (a first world war fort), we were underground in a place called “the Cathedral”, with the guys of Le Dernier Cri.
Then outside the place is wonderful.
First thing we found was a poster of “Political Gridlock” on the wall of one of the tunnels.

Then a great naked giant sleeping on the outside…

Then we set up the show and it lasted for three days.
We met a lot of people, a lot of friends and it’s been a real fun

And the coolest thing in Crack has been meeting the little guy in the pic below.
Matteo, his name, is a 9 years old jewel, he’s gonna grow up and create a lot, he’s a curious guy totally interested in art.
He came and stayed at our table for a lot of time checking the prints, asking explanations, how we worked on some of them, technicl details and he was filled with an incredible curiosity driven by an outstanding soul.
Even if he’s only 9 he really touched us, it’s been crazy :-)

Listening to the Beatles right now

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  1. next generation,cool:)

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