The poster is finished.
We’ve 101 pieces only for the regular version and 15 for the AP version (on heavy cardboard and with no inscriptions).
We first closed the image with black colour and this was the result

Then we prepared the last screen and we worked on an overprinting with iridescent gold colour.

The poster looks really really nice and this overprint gave it an incredible movement to the final design.

And this is the AP version in polaroid style:

The poster will be available after the festival (well, we’ve kept some copies for You guys, I know You won’t make it cause You’re lazy…) and AP version will be available on Tuesday on our webstore.

Hope to meet a lot of people during Crack fest at Forte Prenestino in Roma.
It’ll be cool!
We’re totally excited

Listening to Demonic Death Judge right now.
And I found this video…

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  1. hey that building look familier guys ?

  2. oh yes,very great and amazing!

  3. psst!save one:)

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