Little things

Sometimes You see little things that can change Your day.
Like the display window of a children apparel shop in Your town.

Full of robot You were used to watch on tv when You was a child.
And You spend some time checking if You remember their names.
And then, finally, You notice there’s also Phantoman.

Or maybe You’re walking down the street and with the corner of Your eye You notice there’s something strange on a balcony of the building on Your side.
You look better cause You cannot believe there’s a huge, giant sized milk box…

Or maybe You’re washing Your hands in the toilette of the venue You’re gonna play with Your band and You see a dead insect in the liquid soap box… and You think that well, at least it’s dead clean…

Anyway… here’s the first colour of the poster for the Crack festival.
Tomorrow we’re gonna finish it and then it’ll be a 4 days of festival.
Cool, I’m looking forward to be in Roma!

Listening to Micah P. Hinson right now

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  1. Senza dubbio l’amore per questa nicchia di design e culto che vi ruota attorno, dalla qualità e la potenza dei disegni, oltre che la tecnica di stampa, unita all’essere artefici dell’etichetta senzadubbio più figa d’italia… un certo sentimento d’oltraggiosa invidia mi è inevitabile… mi auguro un giorno di raggiungere i vostri livelli.

    “con sensi di stima distinta”

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