I feel good

Yesterday it’s been a really nice festival, we’ve enjoyed the atmosphere even if we’ven’t been able to follow gigs too much.
We spent the day with Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, talking and laughing and we met the guys of AmenRa, one of my favourite bands in the last year.
I must say I’m pretty happy and proud to have invited them at Miodi fest, they played a great show.
I’ve no pics, sorry, I usually forget to take pics…
It was so worm my brain melted and so I forgot.
At the end of the night Chuck came to visit Tortona and today we had a small tour in our Town, he visited our studio (the old and the future one) and then he left for Firenze.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Padova with Malleus and Ufomammut, so, if You are around come and say hello.
We’ll be at HEY SUN ! festival.

Listening to Amenra right now.

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