Yes, 3 colours

I’ve just noticed that I titled the post of yesterday “3 colours” and then I didn’t talk about anything related to colours…
I’m getting old and distracted…
3 colours was about the new poster we’ve started today, the one for Miodi festival.
And it’s wrong, damn, I’m totally inattentive cause it’ll be a 4 colours poster… sorry.
Today we’ve printed the first 2 colours, a red shading in yellow.
On cream paper for the main run and on light grey for a limited version of about 20 pieces only.
This is the final shape of the poster and below You’ll see some shots from today printing process.
It’s so warm here colours dry really quickly.
Harmpits don’t, tough…

I’ve taken the pics of the final poster from my computer, they look better.
It gives a real idea of the colours, it’s cool.
See, computers are useful not only for working but for taking pics too…

Listening to Johnny Cash right now

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