3 colours

We’re gonna print a new poster in the next 2 days.
We’re still waiting for the new studio to be completed and I guess it’ll take a lot more then what expected… in Italy it’s usual to be relaxed… damn.
So, why waiting for the new studio? We”re gonna go on printing in our beloved little dirty and messy one.
To be honest we’ll miss it a lot, but the new one will change a lot of things, for sure.
Anyway, as You know we’ll be in Milano next wednesday because there’s a good festival where we’re gonna play as Ufomammut and then we’re gonna have a boot as Malleus.
And we’ll meet Chuck and Ron of Firehouse too.
The festival is called “Miodi” and I really hate this name.
It’s a game of words coming from Miami (the city and it’s meaning in italian that is something like “You love me”).
So “Miodi” is for “You hate me”.
There’s another festival called “Mi ami” and it’s a sort of “alternative” festival.
So, “Miodi” should be the opposite of it.
Ok, I’m boring You and You obviously don’t care.
This is a small detail of the poster.

There’s more in the final one. It’s not a square with a mouth.
Stay tuned and tomorrow You’ll see more;-)

Listening to Torche right now . And this video is fantastic!

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