It’ s been a nice evening at Shake Club in La Spezia yesterday.
We met our friend Chuck Sperry after a lot of months and it’s been great.
We spent some hours together, talking and laughing and showing posters to the curious people around the venue.

We took a trip to Lerici first, Lu seemed very happy about the sun, as You can see.
Then, once back in La Spezia we finally met Chuck.
It took a while to recognize each others.

But in a few seconds everything was clear and, even if Lu seemed not confident at all…

… Chuck and Poia studied their faces…

…and all was cleared…

… Chuck saw the light  and…

… happiness was back!

Well… ok…

Anyway, it was cool, we’re looking forward to meet Chuck and Ron aka Firehouse in Milano in a few days, at Magnolia for the Miodi Festival.
Firehouse will be around italy with a lot of exhibitions, check out the dates on Chuck’s website!

Listening to Woven Hand a lot

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  1. good pics , your cat must of gave you more lessons ………

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