One day left and we’ll meet our friend Chuck (Sperry) and Ron (Donovan) aka Firehouse, finally.
Chuck is already in Europe, in Italy right now, and we’re totally happy cause we’re gonna hang up tomorrow in La Spezia at Shake club.
We’ll have an expo together and it’ll be great, after quite a year, to meet.
A pity there won’t be Ron tomorrow, he’s gonna take the plane tomorrow, so we wish him a great flight to Italy.

Well, do You really want to know the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this poster The guys of Shake did for the evening in La Spezia?
There’s a redhead girl and a tall man… Ron is redhead and Chuck is tall… ahahaha
I had a terrible vision :-)
Anyway, stop with this crap…
We’ll meet Ron at Magnolia on the 9th of June, next week, at Miodi festival, so if You cannot make it tomorrow, please come on Wednesday in Milano!
We’ll also play as Ufomammut there and there’ll be Amen Ra too, we invited them to come, it’ll be cool.
Next time we want f***ing Gamboa to come too, he’s the third great man of Frisco and we miss him a lot.
Damn, it’s time for flowers and he’s working like hell.
No, he’s not an hippie, he’s a gardener. Even if he loves GD…
And I’m pretty sure he’s gonna kill me the first time he’ll meet me again…

I’ve watched a very nice movie taken from a Joe R. Lansdale short fiction: Bubba ho tep

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