Tomorrow we’ll be on the road again and it’ll be a long long trip to reach Poitiers, in France.
It’s a Town at about 1000 kms from our home and it’s famous for 2 battles, one at the end of the 8th century (and listen, it was between the Arabs and Charles Martel  that means Carl Hammer… and You know Malleus means hammer…) and the other one in 1356 during the one hundred years war (and listen again, the French king that was seize captured by the English was Giovanni… that’s my real name).
Nice coincidences.
Anyway, we’ll be playing on saturday at Le Confort Moderne at the festival called “Less playboy is more cowboys”.
It’s an amazing name, don’t You think?
And, apart playing as Ufomammut, we’ll be there as Malleus with an exibithion at La Fanzinotheque
That’s cool, huh?

And here below You can read an interview we’ve done for the zine of the festival

La Fanzinotheque: What motivates you as  artists?
Malleus: Artist is a big word and it’s too abused today, it’s quite easy to call Yourself an artist.
We prefer to consider us as craftsmen.
And the motivation to do what we do is that we feel we need to.

LF: In which direction you are moving? Tell us about your latest works.
M: We’re still searching for a direction, even if we realize mainly silkscreened posters, we think this is only the beginning. We’d like to evolve more and more in the future, exploring new fields and interests.
We also have a small record label, SupernaturalCat, we realize limited edition recs and such. It’s cool to be busy:-)

LF: In which epoch of your artistic life you are living now? How could you describe it?
M: We’re young dudes.
We’re at the beginning, we’re in the psychedelic era, we search and move around to discover.
We’re the oldest teenager of the poster art…

LF: In which way you are going to participate in this festival? Tell us about your works/projects.
M: First of all it’s an honour to be a part of the festival. We’ll be there as Malleus and as Ufomammut too.
2 of the 3 Malleus are 2 of the 3 Ufomammut. So, music goes to posters that goes back to music…

LF: What was your inspiration for them?
M: Everything is an inspiration for our works, we fill ourselves with everything we’ve around and we transpose things in our stuff.

LF: and in general?
M: The same

LF: What is your crisis?
M: Living in Italy today. It’s so bad to have a government like the one we have

LF: Cowboys or playboys?
M: Cowboys, of course.

LF: If I say to you zine/fanzine?..
M: I’d say screen/silkscreen

LF: Huh?
M: Yes, I was thinking the same :-)

Just watched  “Black Snake Moan”, very nice movie and great music.

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  1. coincidences?who knows!what s happened in the past life;)…..Giovanni…:)

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