It’s not the song of Sex Pistols.
We’ve got some problems lately and today it’s been the time for our webshop.
Maybe You’ven’t noticed but it’s offline.
We’ve surely to change server, it’s time too.
Moreover we’re not so great in working with HTML, PHP and similar languages.
It’s taken ages to learn italian, imagine to learn another language! :-)
Anyway, if You cannot resist and there’s something You need to have in the next days, just drop us an email, but we hope to be back in a few days.

We’ve finished the cover art for the next Hypnos69 album.
We met Steve in Leuven last week and we gave him the graphic after the Ufomammut’s gig.
It’s been great to meet him, we know him and the band since a lot of years and this is the second art we do for them.

Also working at other covers in these days, back to the roots.
Monkey 3 will be the next one, then Gygax.
Stay tuned

Listening to Leonard Cohen right now.
And I’ve just watched “Revolver” by Guy Ritchie. Amazing movie.

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  1. holy british Petroleum

  2. holy british Petroleum

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