We’re back in Town, even if next weekend we’ll be in Poitiers, at le Confort Moderne in France.
On the 29th of May we’ll have a gig with Ufomammut and an exposition at La Fanzinothèque .
Very nice place, so we’re looking forward to be there.
Moreover, it’s been a real blast touring in the last days, we’ve met  a lot of fantastic people and we’ve really enjoyed  everything.
Now we’re planning some new works and the final works in the new studio, before entering it in July.
More coming soon.

And remember:
There’s always someone which will help You

And someone else that will try to poison You with strange food

But at the end, after You’ll meet the French police, the light will show You the road to follow

And when You’ll think to know a lot of things, You’ll discover, hidden behind Your friends, that Jimi Hendrix was a bass player…

… that dogs smoke really a lot while waiting for their owner…

… that Karl Marx is not dead and he’s a small shop in Berlin…

…where dangerous people live.

So, when You’ll see the Alps on the horizon, even if it’ll be sad, You’ll be happy to be home again

Listening to AssJack, cool as hell!

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  1. wow!sounds of gods;)was amazing!

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