We’re at the end of the little tour with Ufomammut, we’re in Leuven right now and we’ll start our trip to Berlin in about an hour.
It’s been really cool and we’ve totally happy for the people’s reaction to the new album “EVE”.
Karlsruhe was great, Paris was great and Leuven super fantastic.
Sharing the stage with WITTR was a real enjoyment, the guys are 100% nice and everything run on velvet.
So, we’re a little sad it’s going to an end.
After the first 2 gigs with projection problems we solve all and yeserday night we had a complet live set with music and visuals and it’ll be the same in Berlin.

So, apart from the bad meeting with Police in France, I had nice meeting too, like with this wonderful cat yesterday.
A black cat, reminds me of a french poster, isn’t it?

Have a good day and see You all in Berlin.

Listening to something I don’t know, right now

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  1. THROW DOWN ! and kick some serious ASS !

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