Karlsruhe is a very difficult name to write for me.
I always put the H in the wrong position.
We’ve travelled all yesterday and we’re now in Germany, we’ll be playing tonight with Wolves in the Throne Room in a venue called Jubez.
We’ll present Eve and we’ll have posters and limited edition vinyls with us.
It’ll be a nice night, hopefully.
Below some shots from the trip.





As You can see we’re only 4 beautiful (very beautiful by the way) guys, this time.
Lu didn’t join the crew this time, hope she’ll come for the next tour.
Hey, come and say hi this night, don’t be shy, don’t miss these 4 beauties;-)

We had a sauna and we’re totally relaxed and broken right now…

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  1. how’d ya get it to look like a polaroid ?

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