I know what You’re thinking.
And I know You’ll be angry cause it’s a week we don’t post on our blog.
We’re busy and travelling around, time is running like hell and at the end of the day we’re totally wrecked.
We’re old guys, You know.
We’re around playing with Ufomammut, first of all.
We’ve been in Toscana last week.end.
We’ve played in Massa (with Edelweisse) and then in Prato (with Stoner Kebab).
It’s been nice, we’re very happy to have met the guys of Stoner Kebab.
First of I must say I feel totally dumb cause I’ve realized only on saturday that the name of the band is a deformation of “doner kebab”…
Anyway, the guys are great and they’ve played a version of “Astronomy domine” (Pink Floyd) in italian! It was amazing.
We talked after the show and they’re totally nice. Again. I’m getting old and gaga… I tend to repeat things…

A nice surprise was waiting us in the morning cause the backdoor of the van was blocked…and it was impossible to open it and load things… so we drove home with all the bags and stuff on the seats…
By the way, the mechanic told us he never had such an experience before… he told us the percentage is one on a million… we’re the ones…

Then, apart ufomammut we’re working on some covers for cds and books and we’re packing “EVE” vinyls and cds and sending them around.
We’ve finished today to send all the orders. I know people is hating us cause we’re always on delay, but we’re only 3 and I’m half a man… so 2 & 1/2…

We’re thinking about some posters and preparing for some gigs around Europe starting next week.
We’ll be in Roma this friday, then in Karlsruhe in Germany on monday, Paris on tuesday (and both dates with Wolves in the Throne room), Leuven in Belgium on thursday and Berlin on saturday.
We’ll be around with Malleus too, obviously, we’ll have posters with us and lots of other crap.
So, please, come and say hello.
For more details on the dates, please, check in the live section.

What else?
Well, check out “it might get loud“, it’s a very cool movie!

Listening to Hotel Wrecking City Traders right now

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  1. i was worried where you’ve been homeslice

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