It’s not the title of the movie.
It’s only we have more news then usual and I’d like to put them online.
First of all I’m happy when we do posters for people loving us and they spread the word around.
This is the mainpage of the Asymmetry festival in Poland and I must say it seems the guys really like the art we’ve realized for them.
It’s a cool festival, by the way.
Here’s a better image of what we’ve done for the Polish festival

A lot of new posters will be on sale very soon, so keep an eye at our shop.
We’re pretty busy working on the limited edition vinyls of Eve, we’re putting them together and we’ll start the shippings of the pre-orders  on monday.
Check more on Ufomammut‘s website, c’mon!

And last thing is we’re working at something with brushes.
No, it’s not a wall. At all.

Listening to the Melvins – Houdini

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