A lot.

There are a lot of news today, lot’s of things to show You.
Cause You’re the World we live in, it’s a little World but we like it a lot and we’re happy when we can show You things.
We’ve started the last poster we’d scheduled, we’re gonna work on some cd covers and illustrations in the next weeks and then we’ll spend some times around with Ufomammut. By the way, check the band’s website for some pics of the limited edition, we’re putting it together and it’s looking very nice.
Let’s start with the new poster, it’s for the european tour of Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, one of the bands in the roster of Supernatural Cat. Check their dates and if You’re around, please, go and experience their music cause it’s very very cool.
The poster is a 3 colours one, well 4 cause there’s a shading, and it start in looking like this

And tomorrow we’ll put on sale on our webstore some very limited new art prints.
One is taken from the Ufomammut’s EVE poster (and it’ll be up tomorrow too) and one from the Asymmetry festival we’ve just finished to print.
This one is called EVE and it’s a limited edition of ONLY 13 pieces on silver paper. Only 7 will be on sale. Seven is a sacred number, remember.

And we’re very happy cause the design of the poster will become a T-shirt under Relapse records.
It’ll be distributed all over the World, it’s a cool thing and we’re totally thrilled about it.

And here below the other print called “Asimmetria”, it’s a run of 17 pieces and only 10 will be on sale.

Goodnight cruel World!

Listening to Hank III – Raising Outlaw

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  1. oooh!wow!I will save my money for the posters:)see you in B.Im enjoy!

  2. KNEEL13 Says:

    When will the Eve art print go on sale? It is absolutely beautiful and would love to get one.

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