EVE premiere

To be honest I feel strange.
Tomorrow it’ll be the day of the Eve premiere and I’m quite excited.
A pity we won’t have the records, tough.
But we’ll have one of the best posters we’ve ever made.
It’s not normal I feel so good about a work we’ve done, I love this new print and I’m looking forward to see how people will react.

Probably I’m getting old and this is the beginning of the sad period every old man goes through… the self celebration.
You know, usually, when You speak with old guys they know and they’ve done everything, and there’s no way You could even think to be in some way better then them.
Typical of old guys is to be the only human being with an incredible past full of great experiences…
I feel really worried now…

So, let’s get back to Earth… this is a quite nice poster.
Not good, not bad. It’s up to You…
I feel Younger now. The “don’t care about” period…

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll be in Mezzago, near Milano.
In a venue called Bloom.
Well, do You remember some of the first posters we did? Like Spiritual Beggars, Johnny Cash tribute, Bongzilla, 90day man and such?
We did them for Bloom. So, it’ll be great to be back in this venue, it’s a long time we don’t go there.
Apart from Ufomammut playing, we’ll be there as Malleus too, so posters and projections.
And there’ll be I.C.O. opening the night with their powerful music.
It’ll be fun.

Finally, today we’ve started the printing process of the next poster, it’ll be for Asymmetry festival in Poland.
And then there’ll be the ICO poster.
Then I think we’ll die for exhaustion…

Green is the color…

Listening to Refused – The shape of punk to come

3 Responses to “EVE premiere”

  1. wow this poster looks amazing, congrats

  2. hey, a little of self-celebration it’s ok, with posters like this one.
    just don’t get to the “screw youngsters and their rock music” phase.
    see you this evening.

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