First of all.
Yesterday we’ve been at one of the best shows of our life.
EYEHATEGOD was simply amazing, they played an incredible show and they’re such great guys it was fantastic to meet them. Well, I guess You’ve understood they’re one of our favourite bands ever…

A pity Brian and Gary are not in the pic, but they’ll be back soon:-)
Ahhh… these are things making life great, I was happy like a child after the show, my ears were full of great music, super heavy riffs… well, Eyehategod.

We’re working on the Ufomammut’s  EVE live premiere.
It’ll take place this saturday near Milano, In Mezzago, at Bloom.
We’re gonna play the album live for the first time, we’re excited and in some way terrified… it’s the first time!
Thanks to the printing factory we won’t have cds and limited edition vinyls, we started really really in advance with this record and they’d the great idea to print the 180 gr vinyls on a different support.
The records were so thin and light they seemed to be cheewy… Anyway, they’ll be here (obviously…) immediately after the show.
So we’ve worked out a cool poster for EVE.
This is the drawing. Yes, You’ve understood right, we’re not gonna boring You with the surprise this time…
First the image and then the printing… :-)

The poster will be available ONLY during the shows, and only 20 copies will be on the Malleus’ store.
So keep an eye at it and come to the shows, there won’t be a lot, only 150 copies about.
This is how it’ll look like.

Lu has printed the shade and gold today.

This post is getting really long. Time to finish it…
Mmmmh, let’s try to find a good conclusion…
I got it: THE END

I’m in silence right now

3 Responses to “UFOMAMMUT”

  1. fuckin beautiful !

  2. my god, the Ufomammut poster looks fantastic!!! gorgeous!

    and can’t wait to hear the new album.

  3. wow,so great poster!Im sad for not coming to the show:(
    maybe you can save one;) I wish you luck for the show!

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