The poster for Eyehategod, I’ll never bore me to say “one of my favourite bands ever”, is done.
I must say we’re very very very happy with it, the colours, the design, how the paper reacted, the band, everything looks good.

Like my dear friend F***ing Gamboa said, it seemed my cat learnt me to take pics, but he was totally wrong… sorry
Maybe these one below will be better

Well, the “problem” seems to be all these metallic inks, they extremely pop up of the paper and they reflect lights a lot.
Not a good excuse? Ok, I’m totally bad with pics… ok ok

And this one is the AP on black paper.

I’m listening to Entombed right now, their old album “To Ride, shoot straight and speak the truth!”
It’s so cool. Hope to do something for Entombed some day.
I remember years ago in Milano, Poia and me went to their show and their guitar player was skating outside.
Very cool.
Sure, this has nothing to do with my bad way of taking pics, I was trying to divert Your attention…

Listening A LOT to Entombed right now

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