Printing and thinking about volcanoes

Surely something is happening in this World, the Earth is moving.
Last one is the volcanic eruption in Iceland. All is stopped here in Europe.
It’s a difficult period for our Planet, probably it’s angry, it’s exhausted of all we’ve done against it in the last decades….

Here’s a pic of “Puella inter flores et calvas”, the new AP we’ve finished today.
We’re gonna put it on sale in the next days, so take a look at our store

We’ve also started in printing the Eyehategod poster for the gig in Milano.
It’s coming out very very nice, we’re thinking it’ll be a very cool poster and we feel good cause EHG is one of our favourite band ever.

We’re printing them on coarse brown paper and inks are reacting in a wonderful way.
Well, lately we’re using great papers, I know I know…

It’s 5 colours till now, lots of sparkling, glittering and iridescent inks.
The last one will be a black.
And there’s a version on black paper too.

I’m getting better taking pics, isn’t it?

Listening to Bison B.C. – Dark Ages

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  1. i’m glad your cat gave you pointers on taking pics, great looking print

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