Woman and skulls…

… and flowers.
We’ve received some emails and comments by people really angry with us cause we’ve said we don’t do only women with skulls.
Hey, take it easy! We do women and skulls, You’re right.
But also flowers.
Like in the new poster we’ve done, it’s for Candlemass at Roadburn Festival in Holland.
It’s the only one we’ve done for the festival this year, so enjoy it.

It’s a 4 colours poster, it’s nice, uh?
Working with Leif has been cool, he’s a fans of Malleus and when he got the news that Malleus was not going to do the poster serie for this year edition, he wrote us saying he was happy to be at Roadburn for the Malleus’ posters. So we did it for Candlemass, cause it was cool. And it’s been nice to work with him, he gave us the idea, he wanted this design, so it’s a “collaborative” poster.
I’ll put some details more soon and it’ll be on sale at the Festival first, then on our site from the 18th of April.
Moreover we’re finishing an AP version and this will be the inscription at the bottom:

What does it mean? It’s latin and it’s for “beloved woman into flowers and skulls”.
So You’ll forgive us for saying we don’t do skulls and women… :-)

Oh, I forgot to say it was cool yesterday at Magnolia, Karma to burn played very good and Stake off the Witch were heavy.

Listening to Rwake today too.

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