We’ve finished the  Karma To Burn posters for tomorrow, they’re printed and they look nice.
We’ve done an AP on red paper, these ones are exciting.
We’re looking forward to meet the band, they’ve been one of our favourite bands since years.
Well, don’t wanna bother You with boring things, so let’s go directly to the pics.

This is before inscription and this below is Karma to Burn on it

I know, my cat is better then me in taking pictures. Sorry.
But looking at the photos I took is like doing crosswords, it helps the brain, You’ve to use imagination a lot… :-)

And now the AP version. We’re gonna number them tomorrow morning and then they’ll be on sale immediately later.
They’ll be about 20 copies, if I’m not wrong.

This will be called “LA RAGAZZA CON LA PISTOLA” (girl with the gun), like the 68’s movie by filmmaker Mario Monicelli.
It’s a great great movie if You’ven’t already watched it.

We’re finishing other posters and some cd cover and projects.
Coming next: Candlemass poster for Roadburn, Eyehategod, Asymmetry, Ufomammut,  ICO…

Listening to Rwake – Voices of Omens

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