Karma to Burn

We’re printing Karma to Burn, a poster for their gig here in Italy on the 14th of April.
We’re doing a run of about 100 posters and an AP version of about 20 on dark red paper (a colour we call “vinaccia” in Italy… and it means something like “bad wine”…).
Anyway, this is the first colour, a silver ink

And this is the same thing on the “vinaccia” paper

Today we’ve also started the printing process of the tees for the upcoming EVE of Ufomammut.

I’ve also watched “Anvil! The story of Anvil“.
It’s a story of 2 friend and a band and they’re still trying to get famous over 30 years of career.
It’s a movie a little sad, but You can learn a lot of things.

Listening to Neurosis – Souls at Zero

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