We’ve finally finished to print the limited edition of EVE.
It’s been an hard work but we’re very happy.
Hope they’ll be folded and cut right now.
Immediately after Easter…well, lately it seems here it’s only an holiday known for eating we should call it Eater… and think about those poor lambs… :-(
Anyway, we’ll finish the records in the next days and we’ll put them on pre-order soon.
So, stay tuned, please.

And Lu is dancing, she’s happy it’s all done…:-)

We’ve watched “Porco Rosso” by Miyazaki, a movie from 1992, wonderful story!
I suggest You all to check it out for it and bring one copy in Your collection.

Listening to some old Rock’n’roll again

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  1. Looks awesome, can’t wait to hear and see the end result!
    Oh, and Porco is the best!

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