We’ve moved the clocks ahead, an hour more.
I feel strange, it’ll take some times to be ok again, I feel this kind of things heavily.
I’ve just watched a great animation movie and I’ve loved it a lot: Tekkon Kinkreet
Based on the manga by Taiyo Matsumoto, it’s been directed by Michael Arias (Animatrix).
I really suggest You all to watch it, it’s a great movie.

We’re finishing the printing of the limited version of EVE, the new album of Ufomammut and we’re also working on several posters: Candlemass, Karma to Burn, Eyehategod, Asymmetry festival to tell You a few… we’ll be very busy in the next weeks!

And this is a pic of a part of our brand new studio.
Hope the works for make it run 100% will start very soon, we’ll enter it on July, looking forward to it!
There’s a  lot of space and it’s exactly what we’re missing right now!

Listening to William Elliott Whitmore

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, needs a big painting of hillszilla on the wall .

  2. Juli:)

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