Expo in Belgium!

The day for the Brant Bjork show with Malleus expo has come.
Tomorrow, or today depending on the time You’re reading this… anyway, on the 27th of March, in the venue called Vooruit in Gent (or Gand, as You prefer, it’s in Belgium) doors will open at 9 pm and You’re all invited to the Brant Bjork show.
There’ll be a room with our posters too, an expo, thanks to our friends Sara and Benny  of Orange Factory.
This is what Brant Bjork said about our posters:
” I’ve seen a lot of rock-poster art in my time. Like anything…some moves me and some doesn’t. When I first saw Malleus’ art…I was super excited. I felt that they had captured the side of rock music that is beautiful, feminine and timeless. They understand what makes the music magic and this is what makes their art special.”
Very nice:-)

Anyway, next week You’ll find  on our store all the new posters!
Ciao ciao

Listening to High On Fire – “Snakes for the divine”

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