Printing EVE II

We’re going on printing the artwork of the new Ufomammut‘s record EVE.
Today we’ve started with the metallic paper that is gonna hold the paper sleeve of the vinyl.
Yes, I know, it’d be better to work out a sketch of how the record will come out, but considering we’ve a few surprises going on, we prefer to wait a little to announce all.
What we know for sure is that there’ll be a super limited run of 100 pieces with transparent vinyl (cause we love it clear) and 400 with black vinyl. Of course, 180 gr vinyl.
So, we’ve printed light grey serpents for the transparent vinyl and dark grey for the black ones.
Check it out!

And here below You can see the difference between the inks.
This paper is rad and we’re looking forward to have it all done to see how it’ll look like!

It’s a heavy work but we hope it’ll come out a great object.
What do You think?

Listening to OM – Variations on a theme
And just seen Coraline, very nice!

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  1. what I think ? I think Lu busted asss ….

  2. wow!!!how amazing!save the vinyl!

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