Time is a real problem, we should do something.
Everytime I try to put a poster on the blog there’s always someone quicker then me and I can see it everywhere else…
It’s a full period right now, so we’re always on delay.
We’re finishing the poster for Karma to Burn for their gig in Milano, then we’ve started the design for Candlemass at Roadburn, then Eyehategod in Milano, tomorrow we’ll start the printing of EVE… and we’re starting some little works in our new studio.
By the way, this is the first pic of it

Anyway, there’s more to see, I’ll post some pics soon…:-)
But it’s nice, we could call our new studio “Skorpio” or something like that…

Here’re some images of Chainges, the art print we’ve just finished.
The name is a mixture of chain and changes, it’s not a mistake, there’s an idea behind it.
We were thinking about calling it “altromondo” (an italian word meaning “another world”) but it sounded a lot like a disco name…

And later we’ll put the green hair version of the MONO poster for sale on our store, do You remember it?
This one below, there are not so many copies, so if You’re interested it’s better to hurry up!

It’s all for now.

Listening to Deftones

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