Week End

While I’m listening to Current 93, I’m looking at the pics of our show in Mexico.
It’s totally amazing, the guys of the gallery told us it’s a success, we feel sad Mexico is not closer to Italy.
I started in thinking about what if Mexico was where Switzerland is and viceversa…
Can You imagine Los Angeles with Swiss influences? No chicanos, but a lot of banks…
Well, I’m getting silly about this but imagine to mix all the Countries of the World, it’d be a pot of new incredible influences.
What if Italy was somewhere else.
Anyway, before this gets totally stupid, let’s get back to the beginning…
Check the pics of the show here.
The guys of Black Cat Bones are really happy about the show, they said there’s been a lot of people and everybody is attracted by our posters. This is good, we’ve been to LA 2 times and I can only imagine how cool Mexico should be.
This show is dedicated to our friend f***ing Gamboa, for sure.
He’s our mexican friend!

Listening to Current93 – Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain

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