High on Fire poster

It’s done.
It’s been cool to work at this poster, we’re playing a lot with colours in these days and we’re finding out cool new solutions, as You’ll see on this poster.
Tomorrow we’ll number them and we’ll also finish an AP version we’re working on.
Then we’ll ship all to the USA.
Here below some image

We’ve used an iridescent silver ink, very nice, it’s given a great effect layering on the copper ink below.

As You can see colours are really strong in this poster, the paper we’ve used is great, it’s the same of the siren Mono poster.

And this is the final colour, black.

Good details…

Also small lines came out good, it’s been a good printing today. There was the sun, it was warm.
Sounds like California… ahahah

And here we are with the final poster!
Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll show You the AP after we’ll print the last colour.
Have a good night

Listening to Pink Floyd – Meddle
I’m listening a lot to Pink Floyd in these days.
Meddle is my favourite album.
I’m discovering Animals, tough.
I’ve always skipped it, now I’m enjoying it more (by the way, MORE is great!)

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  1. it’s 80 degrees in NOR CAL , lurve it

  2. damn. love it! great job as always!

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