…it seems the World is going worst day after day.
There are terrible movies at the Cinema (well, I’ve seen Legion yesterday night and I’m recovering from it after one day… it was really nonsense, apart from the little grandma walking on the ceiling…), there’re terrible politicians everywhere (and we’ve the number one here…), there’re earthquakes shaking the planet, there’re problems with global warm, there’re always too many people going to Lourdes, there’re too many people still crying for Michael Jackson, there’s still people looking at television, Pluto is no more a Planet (so they’ve erased my knowledge in a second), there’s people hunting whales and people going to kill a lot of lambs cause Easter is coming, there’s still people plucking their eyebrows, there’s a prophecy saying the World is gonna end in a couple of years (and damn, exactly when we’ve found a new studio!), there’s a cat sleeping with her body on my laptop closing all the cooling fans… there are problems.
A lot of them.
And many more.
I’ll tell You more, if You want, but I guess You’ll have yours to think of…
In the middle of all of these things we’ve done another colour on the High on Fire poster.
It’s not so difficult to understand the final shape:-)

Tomorrow we’ll print the third colour and maybe, I said maybe, the last one.
Well, to tell You the truth, today we’ve printed a couple of colours shading one into the other, so it’s 3  till now.
No, it’s not tomorrow yet… sure, I said we’ll do the 3rd tomorrow and now I’m saying we’ve already got 3 colours on paper…
You feel confused. Ok, so, let’s say we’ll print the 4th colour tomorrow.
Yes yes, it’s a 5 colours poster.
A lot of problems, I know…

Listening to Pixies

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