High On Fire

We’ve started the printing process for the new High On Fire poster we’ve just finished to draw.
It’s for a gig of the US tour with Priestess, Black Cobra and Bison BC.
The show will be on April 5 in Morgantown, WV.
It’s a little far from here, otherwise we could think about coming to the show… I really hope they’ll come to Europe soon, i like the new album.
Here’re some pics

This is a “glittered copper colour”, paper is a camel colour.
Well, I’ve never seen a camel in person, but on the package there was written “camel”.

I’ve to thanks a lot all the people that has written us very sorry about the Roadburn serie missing this year.
Don’t worry, we’ll do something else very soon.
And for thanking You I’d like to suggest You to watch “Valley of flowers“, it’s a wonderful movie I’ve discovered last saturday.
Amazing atmosphere, a very very poetic love story. I feel a candy right now…

Listening to Pharaoh Overlord – 4

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  1. this HOF is going to be brutal. i can sense it.

  2. high on fire:) I will miss you on Roadburn.original is Malleus;)

  3. Hey, I was at the last night of the Missing Link Tour: Mastodon/High On Fire, Baroness+ in Oakland on Sat. Read my review and see my pics at – http://thespiralscratch.wordpress.com/recent-gigs/missing-link-mastodonhigh-on-fire/

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