Nice title, isn’t it?
Easy one.
I could title this new one like “the finished poster”, or “we’re not the ones of the Roadburn 2010 poster”, but I preferred Sunday”.
And it’s the day for resting.  That’s why I hate sundays.
First of all I’d like to tell the World (well, maybe it’s too much, but it sounded bad “I’d like to tell the 3 people reading this blog…”) that we’ve nothing to do with the poster of Roadburn 2010.
We don’t know who did it, but it’s not Malleus.
Skulls and women don’t do Malleus. I hope there’s something more behind what we do, damn.
Anyway, anyway.
No Roadburn serie this year, we’ve been excluded from it, it’s a long story, don’t wanna bother You with this.
I know You all miss the serie, but there’ll be a lot of posters coming for lots of bands playing there too.
So, who cares? :-)
For example this is the poster for Brant Bjork.
He’ll play in Belgium on the 27th of March, if I’m not wrong.
And here are some pics, we’ve just finished it.

Some details below

And in this one You can see little nice things that human eyes cannot notice…

It’s getting really a long article with all these pics.
Percentage of text is really low, so it’d be better to write a lot more.
I could say that we’re starting the printing process for the High on Fire poster tomorrow, that we’re finishing the art for Karma To Burn poster in Italy in April, then EyehateGod and Candlemass, or I could say that yesterday I built a light table for inking better… but it’s boring, isn’t it?
Mmmhhh… I could just put the last pics of the AP version before I get deadly dull…

Ok, I could put more but it’s ok like that.
It’s incredible the amount of things You can do with a computer and an internet connection!
By the way, all these posters will be available soon, after the gigs via our webstore and our US distributors.
(This again was to raise the text percentage…)

Ok, enjoy this poster, THIS is an “Original Malleus™”

Listening to Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

4 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. no roadburn? Damn!

    awesome Brant poster though.

  2. wellpertti Says:


    I’ve bought your posters every year… So sad boy now… Probaply won’t buy them anymore this year, ’cause they ain’t Malleus…

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Malleus don’t do skulls and women? (I figure that’s what you mean)
    Dude, I know the Malleus posters are screen-printed perfectly. You know your craftsmanship. But the imagery and themes are just more of the same, over & over again: nekkid women and skulls. So just lighten up and stop bitching about Roadburn…


  4. R. Frank Says:

    Malleus don’t do skulls and women? You are very funny. What’s that on top of your blog? Isn’t that a detail of the Roadburnfestival poster 2009? And what’s that? Isn’t that a woman? And what do I see? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren”t that skulls on each side of her???
    So no skulls and women for Malleus???
    So, were you just kidding, or are you jealous? What’s your problem.

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