One colour more and the Brant Bjork poster will be done.
Then it’ll be time for High on Fire.
Today we’ve printed the 3rd colour and we’re very very happy how it’s coming out.
We’ve done  a transparent white for the inscriptions that is a sphere in the hand of the woman.
And she’s a  devil, so it’d be a sort of magic spell!

We’re also working at a limited version AP, no inscriptions but a prismatic blue spiral.
And I can assure You it’s wonderful, cause it comes out of the paper.
I’d like to open a small thread now.
It has nothing to do with what I was saying but I’ve notice that everytime I want to write “paper” I digit “paer”.
Is it a problem? I think I got something against the double P, no PP… well it sounds stupid.

Look closer!

It’s nice, uh?
I’ve spent about 20 minutes moving the paper in the light looking at the changes of this colour… I think I need a doctor.

Listening to Monster Magnet – Spine of God

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