It’s snowing like we’re in Siberia, there’s a snow storm here.
Tomorrow morning we’ll be totally disappeared under the white. So, goodbye cruel world…
Well, it’s funny that we’ve just finished to print a poster with the sea, the sand, the sun and  it snows…

What a wonderful landscape.
The idea of space is the same You can have looking at the desert of salt from above in the Death Valley, isn’t it?

We’ve started another print today, this one coming will be a full working period.
It’s the first colour of the new Brant Bjork poster we’re realizing for the show in Belgium.

I’m confident it’ll be a very cool poster.
Then we’ll print High on Fire.
And then Karma to Burn.
And then Candlemass.
And then others.
Hoping we won’t be gobbled up by polar bears in the next days.
Never knows.

Listening to Celan -Halo

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  1. it snowed in San jose too , south of TORCISCO ….pinche destino !

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