Print’n’roll part2

I must say I like to write on this blog. It’s relaxing.
Expecially after a day spent trying to work out why a f***ing software doesn’t work properly.
I’ve spent about 5 hours trying to understand why Ableton Live change the pitch of the samples I’m trying to use and guess what?
I don’t know.
And nobody seems to have the same problem I have in the entire World, cause I’ve found anything on the net.
So, writing is sometimes a relaxing thing.
Well, I must say I prefer to spend my time trying to fix this problem then thinking how deep our Country is ruining down.
For sure. Don’t know why we’re so blind.
Anyway, let’s forget this, I will cry in my bed later.
Don’t wanna bore You too much.

We’ve finished the MONO posters.
Here’s a preview. They’re very very nice, we’re very happy about them and they looks like they’re sparkling out of the paper.

Yes, paper.
Because we print on paper and paper is a kind of material that sometimes tends to ruin.
Sometimes we receive back posters from people totally upset and sad cause of “incredible” scratches on the posters.
It’s a great moment cause the most of the time we start the famous “competition of the blinds”.
We sit around a table, we put the poster on it and we try to find out the bends, the folds, the problem.
Lights on, magnifyng glasses, private detectives…
Sometimes it’s quite easiest to solve the pitch problems with Ableton Live… :-)
Well, it’s paper… You know.

This is the regular edition, with red hairs.
Then we’ve done a small run with green.
In the next days we’ll number them and then we’ll let You know more.

Do You like this? We do.
And tomorrow we’ll start the Brant Bjork new poster.
Again for a gig in Belgium.
And then it’ll be time for High on Fire and Karma to Burn.
Stay tuned!

Listening to the same loop for about 5 hours… help me…

3 Responses to “Print’n’roll part2”

  1. good job LU @p@ ! ableton live ? Rickenbacker ?

  2. “Do You like this ?”

    yes. the hair is great as always, but i especially love the border on this.

  3. great work!

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